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BCRaven 02-17-14 10:22 AM

Schwinn Paramount High Sierra 1983 purchased at estate sale
This is my first post to the forum. I have spent several hours searching the forum and am impressed with the knowledge being shared.

I purchased a Schwinn Paramount High Sierra bicycle at an estate sale. The receipt of the original purchase was in a Cannondale tool bag on the bike. The receipt is dated September 6, 1983, at Turner’s Bicycle Company, Mission, Kansas. They are still in business at a new location as Turner’s Cycling and Fitness.

I bought this to clean up for a daily commute but before I do anything I would like your opinions as to what I have and what it is worth.

Here is what I see on the bike:
The frame is black with white lettering: “High Sierra” in white solid letters on the top tube, “SCHWINN” in white outline letters on the down tube.
The Schwinn Paramount head badge is riveted to the head tube. It has ‘138’ stamped on the surface. If there is a fourth number it must be under the left rivet.
There is a round label on the seat tube with “Quality” and “Chicago” in an outer ring with “Schwinn” in the center.
There is a second label on the seat tube with “made in Taiwan for Schwinn”.
“4130 Chrome-Moly Main Tubes and Stays” is on a label near the bottom of the seat tube.
The handlebar and stem are a single unit: Handlebar, two bars forming an inverted triangle with the handlebar, joined to a stem all welded and chromed with some rust spots.
“15 speed” is on the chain stay.
There are three front sprockets and six rear sprockets.
Dia-Compe center-pull brake set (brakes, brake levers, brake pads).
Suntour XR 150 rear derailleur
Suntour Mountech front derailleur
Suntour Power Thumb Shifters
Jim Blackburn carrier
Schwinn seat
Shimano pedals with (originally) two yellow reflectors on each. One reflector is missing.
ARAYA 26x1.75 JAPAN rims
INVERT 26x2.0 40-80 PSI tires
SA LAPRADE seat post
Specialized water bottle holder

howsteepisit 02-17-14 10:41 AM

Sorry its not a paramount, its a Schwin High Sierra Mountain bike. Nice MTB but nothing special. Sounds like its in good shape, its agood rider, enjoy!

With no pics I guess it's value in the mid 100 range.

TugaDude 02-17-14 10:59 AM

+1, not a Paramount. It is a 1984 most likely, given black with white decals and the triangulated cr-mo bars. The bars are desirable by some if in good shape. Otherwise, $100.00 bike in rideable condition.

cycleheimer 02-17-14 11:06 AM

Here is a link that will show you the original sales brochures....

Nice bike. Nice potential commuter.

Metacortex 02-17-14 12:41 PM

I believe they ran out of the correct badge and substituted the Paramount badge. There were other High Sierras built around that time with Paramount badges:

BCRaven 02-17-14 01:40 PM

Thanks, everyone, for the good information.

Metacortex, the link that you provided took me to a thread with another of your posts. That post had a link to the history of Giant that fits with what I know of my bike's timeline. Also, I found the serial number plus a code 'G0583'. So, I think I have a bike built by Giant in 1983 for Schwinn maybe to sell as a 1984 model.

howsteepisit and TugaDude,
The $100 price range is very interesting because that was the price the operator of the estate sale put on it. I left a bid of $30 and won it. I also found $3.79 in the tool bag so I think this will work out with my plans for a daily commuter bike after cleanup.

I am amazed that the catalog is online. Looking through that link I even found the tire pump. Mine has some rubbed off lettering with one letter that I thought was an 'N'. The catalog shows a picture of it. It was a 'Z' for 'Zefal'.

TugaDude 02-17-14 02:17 PM

It is a nice bike. You can tailor it to your needs by changing tires, perhaps bars, etc. There are threads on here about older mountain bikes and commuting, swapping bars to drops, etc. Have fun!

phoebeisis 02-17-14 02:55 PM

Nice shape-full 4130 cromo steel
I would put it at closer to $125-$150 or so-but I'm splitting hairs
But the resale on ANYTHING marked Schwinn is good- Trek same story -they resell for more than say a GIANT or Diamondback
Great bike for your purpose-sturdy-it will take nice wide tire to take the edge off crummy potholed roads/streets.
Great deal for you-$27 -perfect for your purpose.

0.2HP 02-18-14 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by BCRaven (Post 16502611)
The handlebar and stem are a single unit: Handlebar, two bars forming an inverted triangle with the handlebar, joined to a stem all welded and chromed...

These are called Bull Moose bars and are fairly collectible:

If it is a 1984 model, it is one of the first mass produced mountain bikes, also collector appeal.

mparker326 02-18-14 02:42 PM

Great bike. I enjoyed mine. While riding it, I always felt like "my bike can kick your bike's @ss".

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