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bellebianchi 03-15-14 07:14 PM

Bianchi Rekord 748 appraisal
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I'm planning to getting back to biking after 15 years gap :D, I have always fancied a Bianchi. I'm planning on using this to ride to work a couple of times a week and this will be my only bike.

I need some advice, if this will fit the bill. I have been quoted 400$ and haven't still tested it out. All that has been provided are the pics and my french isn't that great.

My commute to work is going to be 20KM and with a climb of 800m on my way back, I live in Switzerland.

Do you think this would be a good bike for me to get back on? I'm athletic 6ft1(185cm) and in good shape. Is it worth the price quoted?

Your feedback will be very much appreciated :thumb:

big chainring 03-15-14 08:45 PM

Bianchi Rekord 748 appraisal
May be a bit small for you. Looks like maybe 56cm or so. $400 would be top end price.

curbtender 03-15-14 09:15 PM

I'd say the frame is too small also.

howsteepisit 03-16-14 12:54 AM

In additon to it being too small for you, I think 400, with sora drivetrain is a bit steep. But its a nice looking ride. If it were my size, and I was looking for a rider as aposed to a flip I might be tempted. anybody know if Bianchi has the same cachet in Switzerland as in the US?

gomango 03-16-14 05:26 AM

An original condition 57 cm 748 sold for 401 Euros recently in neighboring Deutschland.

Shipping was another 45 Euros.

That's roughly $550 US plus the $60 in shipping.$_57.JPG

bellebianchi 03-16-14 01:36 PM

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Thanks for all the input. You guys must be real good to be able to figure that the bike was small for me.

I tried searching for a good used piece, but its been futile, there is also the risk of purchasing a bike without seeing.

I have decided instead to go for a newer model, I agree, its not going to be the same, but as pointed out, managing the climb a few times every week will be a concern if the bike is not up for it.

I found the Nirone in 59" for 800 Euro shipped to be a good deal as its new, I'm going to always keep an eye open for a vintage model, but would prefer to buy it if I can see it and ride it first hand

Bicicletta Bianchi C2C Via nirone 7 alu Shimano Tiagra Celeste Bianchi Tg 59 | eBay

There is also a nice Impulso for a bit more, I am not sure if it's worth the additional price

Bianchi Impulso Veloce 10Sp Compact CK (Ck/Black/White) | eBay

american psycho 03-16-14 03:08 PM

buy this frame for CHF250, it's really nice and your size.

Bianchi EV3 in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne kaufen bei

I've got the Groupset (Chorus 10 speed) in my basement (I sold the guy the frame). PM me for details.

american psycho 03-18-14 09:10 AM

There are problems with bikes bought ins Ausland:

-warranty is done through the dealer
-import duties
-shipping fees

Buy inland, used, for your best deal. Watch Ricardo, gratis-inserate, tutti, olx. Now is the time to score, as everyone is clearing out their cellars.

Buy inland new, for a warranty.

You don't want a bike with downtube shifting if you are climbing 800m auf dem Heimweg.

Your best prices will be with a Shimano group. You can get a decent new bike with Shimano Ultegra at Aldi (believe it or not!)

ALDI SUISSE AG - Spezialangebote ab Montag, 08.04.2013

I bought back that EV3 frame due to seller's remorse.

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