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BG2 03-16-14 11:11 AM

Alan engraved campy seat post what's the value of this one
I have a near new Alan panto'ed campagnolo seat post in 25 mm.

Can anybody tell me what the price range for this seat post is.

I know it's not that common, but i find it hard to put a price on it that reflects it's rarity.

The dark spots is dried out grease

Thanks in advance

repechage 03-16-14 05:38 PM

Never seen one of those, the Market will be quite specific. The number of bikes that take a 25.0 mm post is small. The pantography will help the value to an Alan owner. Wild guess from $40 to $150. This one is a roll of the dice.

Chombi 03-16-14 08:54 PM

In NOS condition, I've seen those go easily over 120/130 bucks. Alan bike owners love this stuff!
In the condition that one is in, which is very "serviceable" to clean and touch up to looking very close to new, I'd say 65 bucks on a bad day, just over 100 bucks on a good day......

BG2 03-17-14 10:11 AM

Ok thanks everybody know i have some guidance regarding the pricing.

I won't polish it as not everybody likes that i leave it up to the new owner.

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