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    Saddles and Seat posts

    Saddles and seatposts for sale.

    Prices do not include shipping.

    1. Specialized Cheek splitter, on left: $10
    2. Eleven 81 Taint venter, on right: $10

    Seat Posts, Left to Right:
    1. Straight steel post, longer one: 26.6 mm diameter: $5
    2. Straight steel post, longer one: 26.0 mm diameter: $5
    3. Alloy post with clamp, shorter one, Sakae: 26.6 mm diameter: $10
    4. Alloy post with clamp, longer one: 27.2 mm diameter: $10

    saddle_post1.jpg saddle_post2.jpg saddle_post3.jpg
    saddle_post4.jpg saddle_post5.jpg saddle_post6.jpg
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