Second bike up for grabs so that I can get some cash together to remodel my bathroom. It is a 1941 Schwinn new world that is almost complete and original. The only things missing are the rear reflector, the chain guard and one of the fender braces has been replaced. It is a 21" frame and still has some of the original decals. It definitely has "character" and a nice patina. The chrome on the hubs is good, they were covered in grease, but the handlebars and stem are shot. It has the original schwinn grips on it but they are in pretty bad shape. I rebuilt the hubs/ headset/ and bottom bracket and it rides pretty good. The wheels are a bit wonky but they spin well, I did a quick true and got them ride able but they definitely need some more time in the truing stand. Also, the crank arms seem to be a bit out of alignment, the left doesn't line up with the right in a straight line. It doesn't affect the ride much and I done really see any signs of bending in the chrome but I thought I should mention it. Looking to get $250 + shipping from 46237 (+- $50 via Fedex) I could get more parting it out so I am pretty firm at that price.

DSC02669 - Copy.jpgDSC02670 - Copy.jpgDSC02671 - Copy.jpgDSC02672 - Copy.jpgDSC02673.jpgDSC02674.jpgDSC02675.jpg