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    I scored a 1982 Medici Gran Tourismo but it is too big!

    I scored a 64cm Medici custom Gran Tourismo bike. It was kind of a 'love at first sight' thing. The previous owner built it in 1982 to ride through Thailand. It has some great components and he customized the frame with black chrome. Oh... and the bike was super duper cheap.
    The only issue is that he was about 6'2" tall and I'm 5'9" or 5'10" depending on how sluggish i feel that day.
    It looks to be serial number 200.
    I can't find any evidence of a Medici that has the rear brake cable holder / frame loop under the rear seat. This bike has one and it works great.
    Anyhow... if anybody has any advice on it, kudos, high 5's or suggestions on what to do with it, i'd appreciate it.
    Or, if anybody has the exact same frame, but maybe in a 59cm-ish size, i'd love to trade frames and use the components on it.
    I did see the frame swap spreadsheet but I don't know much about old bike brands or what Dropouts are or ST/TT frames length, etc...



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    Mike Howard might be contacted through the CR google group. He may be able to shed some light.
    That does not look like any Black Chrome I have seen, more paint like to my internet eyes.
    As to the size… I am in your height range, and that is 5 cm bigger than I would even attempt to ride as my own.
    Is it 65 cm center to center? It looks BIG.

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