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    20's seat stay rusted through - repairable?

    I'm considering this frame for a restoration project, how crazy would I have to be to ride it? I have access to a welding shop and a machine shop so patching the frame is no issue, but if the frame's rusted through in one place the rest of it has to be suspect... What do you think guys, is it to late to get it back on the road?

    00n0n_gZoptqz67kX_600x450.jpg 01212_1oKd4ereZcn_600x450.jpg 00e0e_ln16olqMzqc_600x450.jpg 00R0R_4LqngjXXzcJ_600x450.jpg

    Also, what is it? 20's Elgin maybe?
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    I think you'd have to take it to a framebuilder to be sure, but I think it may be in the "wall art" phase of its life.
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