Tubi Oria 900..hum?
I've just got hold of a small, British Eagle tourer..(but no stopper!..Weinmann sidepulls) for a short friend of mine.
Decals.."top gear" on TT, Tubi Oria 900 square decal on DT...yellow and blue paint job, Solida Chainset, Sachs Huret FD and RD,
Ali racket, full mudguards....
Googled British Eagle and Tubi Oria..found not a great amount on the tubing overall..Italian..'heavier than 501' and nothing on Tubi Oria 900.
one picture image of similar bike on Gumtree with minimal details.
So was wondering if anyone could throw any light on where on the spectrum the 900 tubing weighs in...guessing it's no B.E. Touristique but worth the 13 pounds I shelled out!..not a spot of rust, no dents, few chips superficial scratches..v pleased.