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    Derek Bailey Frames...

    I recently received a message from Geoff Roberts (Brother to Charles Roberts), regarding an unknown frame and fork set.

    I have had for some time. Mr. Roberts suggests that the set is likely one of those built by Derek Bailey.

    I know some of these pictures has been presented a few times but I so want to identify this set. The workmanship is very good, to excellent but I won't build it up until I know what I am building.

    If anyone here has information or pictures, pertaining to the Derek Bailey frames, could you please chime in and help me out..?

    JM_Full_Side_1.jpg JM_Lug_ST_3.jpg JM_Lug_ST_2.jpg

    JM_Lug_ST_1.jpg JM_Full_Tube_HT_2.jpg JM_Full_Tube_HT_1.jpg

    JM_Fork_Crown_1.jpg JM_BB_2.jpg JM_BB_1.jpg

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    Randy...I cannot help...but...nice looking a solid, simple type of way!
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