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    1981 Puch Marco Polo

    Hi guys/gals. I'm a new member and joined primarily to see if any of you could help me determine an approximate value of my bike. I hate to sell it but I also hate to see it sitting around and not being ridden. I can't ride it anymore because of my sciatica. The bike is a Puch Marco Polo that I purchased new 3/18/81. I still have the original owner's manual and sales receipt. Everything is original on the bike except the padded handle bar tape and the tires. It is in excellent condition and has always been garaged. I only rode it to church on Sunday's Here are the details, as best I can tell.

    Reynolds 531 frame - Austria
    23" frame (I think)
    Mikashima Unique Rode pedals
    SR Apex 5 chainwheels
    Sachs chain
    Gipemme 27.2 seat post
    Suntour power shifters
    SR handlebar stem J76 AX-80
    GI * LU+ 3000 saddle - Italy
    SR handlebars
    Normandy Luxe Competition wheels - France
    Suntour Cyclone deraillure
    Weinmann 610 brakes
    SR Apex 170 Cranks
    Trek ISO Tech 2 tires
    Christophe toe clips

    The only thing wrong with the bike is that the brake lever hoods are cracked. No rust. Minimal scratches.

    You can see pictures of the bike here: Bike Slideshow by dvf2215 | Photobucket

    I'll probably try to sell it in the Kansas City KS/MO area.

    Any advice on what to price it at or other suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    That's a really nice looking bike.

    I'm not sure how strong the bike market is in KCKS/KCMO for vintage bikes but from browsing the CL listings there the demand doesn't seem to be too high. From what I see listed, I'm guessing you'd be lucky to get 200 for it.

    You might have better luck on ebay if you're willing to go that route and ship. A Marco Polo frame just sold for $90 (Vintage Puch Marco Polo Reynolds 531 Lightweight Main Frame Special 482 Forks | eBay) and the suntour cyclone components are really nice so I could see it going over 200 easily on ebay.

    Perhaps someone more familiar with the area can chime in on the market in KCKS/KCMO for vintage bikes for a better appraisal.

    EDIT: Welcome to the forums!
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    That bike is really sweet and an immaculate condition. It has a 531 DB main frame and nice components.

    This bike may be hard to sell locally for a good price since it really will appeal to someone who knows and appreciates vintage bikes. I think if you wrote a good CL ad and explained the parts on the bike, you could get $200 plus locally on CL. But it might take you a while to find a buyer.

    You could go eBay and you should get more money but it's a pain dealing with eBay.

    Or you could join bike forums as a premium member (for about $10 a year I think) and sell it here. You won't get top dollar here but you will get a fair price. This bike is worth something to someone who wants a really nice vintage bike in this good a condition. I'd shoot for closer to $300 on this site if you choose to go that route and see what happens.

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