As anyone used Shimano SIS shifters (Ultegra SIS bar cons) with the original 5 speed freewheel supplied on the World Voyageur and Voyageur II????
The freewheel is Schwinn Approved Model J (Shimano) with 14-17-21-26-32 (the 26 & 32 are the skip tooth design.

Background, My 1975 Voyageur II, about 12 years ago, I replaced the SunTour ratchet shifters with 8 speed Ultegra SIS bar cons, replaced the Crane GS long cage RD with a Deore, and replaced the 5 speed freewheel with a Shimano Megarange (14-16-18-20-22-24-34). The indexing is great and it shifts fine

For various reasons, I want to go back to the original Model J 5 speed, with its Alpine gearing.

Will the Ultegra's still index with the 5 speed??? I know I have to set the RD limit stops to limit the shifters to the 1st 5 clicks

If not, I will have to install the original Sun Tours ratchets. I really like the 1 click, 1 cog response.

John Hawrylak
Woodstown NJ