Looking for info on some old, possibly 1960s, spokes. The logo/imprint on the spoke head is a raised, hollowed, crescent moon shape. Spokes were takes from a wheelset consisting of old 36 hole Campagnolo Record hubs (the pre-Nuovo Record version - circa 1960-67 - which does not have the word Record stamped on the barrel), and Mavic tubular rims with a diamond shaped (not rectangular) label/sticker.

Spokes are galvanized rather than stainless steel or chromed. They are butted, 15/16 gauge (around 1.77-1.65-1.77 mm), and they are threaded to use the same nipples as vintage Robergel (French) but not vintage Stella (Italian) or modern DT spokes.

Although they appear noticeably pitted in spots (under 5x-10x magnification), they seem to be of very good quality. Surprisingly, they are perfectly straight now after unlacing the wheels. No idea what bike the wheelset might have come from, but the rear hub has Italian or BSC freewheel threading, not French.

I know, silly inquiry. ~ Just wondered if some velo-archaeologist out there may have come across these before.