The PK10 frame has arrived, but I am in Atlanta until tomorrow evening. The frame seller assures me the BB threads are French. In the meantime I decided to rent a bike to tour around Atlanta (my colleague and I had a great time and got inside the hotel just before the rain started today). While in the rental shop I asked if they happened to have any French bottom bracket parts that they were looking to sell off. To my suprise I was offered a NOS set of TANGE French BB cups for $10.00 tax and I bought them.

Now, I need to think about a spindle/axle and corresponding crank set. It seems we have a couple of these French BB restoration threads going and maybe we can consolidate the information into one thread?

I don't anything about TANGE, but figured for $10.00 I couldn't be going far wrong. The guy that sold them to me wasn't sure what spindles would work, but he thought I should be able to find a number of options. So I now have the frame and a set of cups...two steps in the right direction