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    Peugeot Exchange

    Friendships develop in interesting ways. Today two C&V posters met just across the state line from Vermont on the western side of New Hampshire. At the end of the meeting a NH Peugeot went to it's new home in VT. A vintage light weight adoption, so to speak.

    Here's where the story begins: A little over a week ago I was about 12 miles into a 30 mile ride on my '79 Schwinn Traveler. I passed a house having a moving sale. The sign said "Sporting Goods," so I turned in the drive and asked the owner, "Do you have any bikes?" He said "one" and pulled an '86 Peugeot PH 501 off the garage wall. It was too small for me but in nearly perfect condition. It was equiped with Reynolds 501 tubing, Sachs/Huret DR and shifters, Sugino cranks, forged simplex dropouts, Weinmann brakes and levers. All in all a very nice bike, the only problem, it was not my size.

    Well a few posts, a few PMs, several emails, and by Wednesday "Lem in Pa" was promised this bike. We met this morning about half way between our homes. Lem was thrilled to find a realy nice new bike and I was excited that I was able to pass this bike on to a good home.

    Speaking of friendships, so far I've met KDB and now Lem in Pa from C&V. I've sent a Raleigh Sports to cudak888, and dump find parts to KDB, BigBossMan and cuda2k. Next week I will meet DnvrFox from BF-50+ when he visits New England and borrows bikes for he and his wife.

    Enjoy the pictures!
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    Dreaming about riding in NH's summertime!

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    It was great to meet you and your Daughter, Pastor Bob !
    I have met a few exceptional people from the Vintage forum and even though things
    get exchange, traded etc, it seems they really are still in the family
    Somehow I have accumulated a workshop full of French bikes, 4 Peugeots and one MotoBacon.
    I always wanted a vintage Peugeot and now I have four, which proves the olde adage
    "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it"
    At '86, this one my newest and hottest, and as an added bonus, everything works
    Thank you again for passing this classic on to is in a good home !!
    I guess there is some good in loooong New England winters in that I will need all of it
    to get the rest of my five-dollar-Frenchies running perfectly.
    In otherwards, I will relieve anyone of thier spare spokes and helio-comical clusters
    -ADVOCACY-☜ Radical VC = Car people on bikes. Just say "NO"

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