So I have three front wheels, and I'm interested in ranking them. I don't really understand much in the way of quality between rims, or how valued some vintage wheels are over others, so I'm just going to list them:

1. Pelissier high-flange hub, made in France laced to a convex "Birmalux England" rim.

2. Maillard low-flange hub laced to a Wolber box rim.

3. A no-name low-flange hub laced to a Ukai box rim.

4. A Maillard low-flange hub laced to an Alesa box rim.

If you could give me feedback on the appropriate vintage and era of these wheels, and maybe the general quality of each, or if they have any great value for specific uses, I'd appreciate that. I figure the high-flange hub is from the '70s, and the low-flange hubs more from the '80s, but other than that, I'm not really knowledgeable. I used to know what the 3rd hub was, but then I took out the QR skewer to swap in an allen bolt, and I can't recall at all what kind of hub it is.