So far I have:

1. Completely disassembled the Schwinn American I am restoring.

2. Cleaned fenders, frame, chain guard with WD-40 and steel wool then washed them with soap and water.

3. Cleaned up the chromed parts with WD-40 and steel wool, and washed them with soap and water.

4. Purchased new bearings for the bottom bracket and head set as well as a new stem bolt and wedge.

5. Working on cleaning rust off of seat springs and seat frame.

6. Disassembled both hubs, front hub needs new bearings and axle original one was bent. Rear just needs new bearings. For the rear I'm going to have the LBS rebuild it. Right now the front hub housing nad all the parts to the rear hub are sitting in a container of Simple Green.

7. When I took the crank out I had to cut it to get it out of the bottom bracket shell. I could not bust loose one of the pedal nuts. This is the only chrome piece I'm going to have to replace.

8. I have to replace the pedals they are beyond slavagable.

9. I have both rims disassembled so I can clean the rust off of them. I'm going to have the LBS rebuild the wheels for me. At $40.00 each its not to bad. All of the spokes had rust on them and need to be replaced.

10. Next I'm going to: A. Finish cleaning the hub parts. B. Clean the rust off of the rims. C. Take the rear hub to LBS to be rebuilt. D. Purchase bearings for front hub so I can rebuild it. E. Purchase a new crank. F. Clean up the basket G. Wax and polish the frame, fenders and chain guard. H. Start reassembling the bike.

11. When I can afford it I will: A Take wheels to LBS to be re-built. B. Take frame, fenders and chain guard to a body shop to be properly stripped and repainted. (It does not look that bad but for a full restoration to mint condition it needs to be done.) C. Have cromed parts rechromed to get rid of the pitting. (Even after cleaning the rust off there are still pitts left behind.)

12. For now I just want to get the bike to ridable condition. In time it will be restored to mint condition.

How about everyone else's restoration projects?

Post them here if you would.