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    Pumps and Pump Heads

    The frame I am building has braze on pump pegs. I would like to put a vintage Silca pump there. I have seen numerous pictures of the pump handle and it is easy to distinguish between the handle for frames(concave end) and the handles for pegs (indented end).

    What I haven't seen are good pictures of a pump head for a peg. I have seen concave heads for frames and I have seen the Campy heads with the two prongs (again, for wedging in the frame and not a peg).

    Are there some good pictures of a pump head specifically for pegs? Links or posts would be great. Or was the practice to remove the pump head and put the peg into the hole of the pump body where the pump head goes? I would guess you would carry the pump head in a pocket, but theat doesn't seem to be right. As you can tell I am pretty clueless and any information will be appreciated.

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    Here's one made by Silca for the frame pegs:

    The end is concave.
    nice lugs baby!

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