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    Shipping services to Singapore

    I recently recieved an inquiry on one of my framesets from an interested party in Singapore, curious as to the shipping costs if I were to send the frameset to Singapore.

    I have had experience shipping frameset-sized boxes within the US and Canada, however, I have NOT shipped one to Singapore, or even to Europe, for that matter. Not in the least bit intimidated by this fact, I checked FedEx's rates for such a box heading to the Singapore destination.

    I was rather surprised when the rates came up as follows:

    $650.00 - FedEx International Economy
    $740.00 - FedEx International Priority

    These prices appear most abnormally high to me, especially considering that this is a rather SMALL box, as the frame is that tiny 49cm De Rosa minus fork.

    I know quite well from eBay that it is not unusual for frames to be shipped from the US to Asian countries, but something tells me that even those full-of-cash Japanese bidders would balk at these shipping prices.

    Do you fellows know if there is any other method of shipment out there that does the same job in a fraction of the cost?

    P.S.: Would have checked the UPS rate codes too, but I didn't have his postal code on hand. Might anyone know if the UPS rates in such cases are lower then those of FedEx?

    Take care,


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    Well cudak888, I can't answer the question about the shipping rates, but I will hijack your thread just a bit.

    I have been looking at ebay, and found an interesting Centurion for sale. Seller is in Melbourne. States clearly that he/she will ship to the US for $10. Later in the listing he/she states for local pickup only.

    I chatted with a live person at ebay chat, and she told me that apparently the seller would be obligated to send me the bike for $10. Now, something tells me that THERE IS NO WAY A BIKE IS GOING TO MAKE IT ALL THE WAY FROM AUSTRALIA TO WASHINGTON STATE FOR $10.

    I can tell you that shipping a fifty pound box via USPS to Singapore would run from around $237 to $87 or so depending on whether you want to get it there fast, or slow (as in slow boat slow). Your maximum dimensions would be: Dimensions: Max. length 42", max. length plus girth 79.

    No cracks about USPS, I do work for the Postal Service.

    Still wish that De Rosa frame was about 2 cm smaller . 'Cuz it would be happily living in my downstairs right now if it were a 44-46 cm.

    East Hill

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    Check with DHL we get things shipped from Singapore via them all the time. Seems to be the shipper of choice with several of our international clients. Domestic we use FedUp... occasionally USPS but they are a PITA because we are on a rural route or PO box.

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