I love clipless pedals. Unfortunately I ride an obsolete system. I have MKS Mapstage pedals on 3 different road bikes. The have been super great for me. The simple cone and bearings with steel axles are very robust and can be rebuilt indefinitely. They are heavy but so am I. Visually they appear to be Look compatible but they work differently. To mount you go in at an angle and rotate a little turntable that has adjustable tension which also serves as your float.
Anyway, I type "MKS Pedals" into ebay once a week or so to look for the no longer produced pedals and cleats. What I really need is just the cleats and I'd like to pay a like 5 bucks for some. I've been checking ebay for a year. I finally found some: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...3871&rd=1&rd=1

I bought these quickly at the buy now price of $15.
I have been on my last set of cleats for 2 years now and I was getting nervous.
Just thought I would share this little success story, corny as it sounds. For ~20$ I now have my 4th set of these under-appreciated pedals, and I'll have one set for each of my 4 road bikes so I can clip in with my Sidi genius 4 megas no hassle, anytime for a couple more years.