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    Vista branded Suntour GT RD??

    I got this a year or so ago at a bike shop for $5, and just now looked closely at it. It is a monstrous part chrome steel/part alloy RD. I mean it's a big sucker, lol. It has the logo on the moving part of Vista bicycles. If I remember correctly they were a Columbia brand that snubbed Schwinn shops sold during the 60's/70's. It's a long cage with the typical Suntour mid cage style mount, with the plastic cap and all. Is there any value in this part at all, or is it just an old conversation piece?,,,,BD

    Pics if wanted, right now it's too hideous to look at. No rust, just UBER crusty....

    edit....Looks kind of like this, but the upper part of the cage has round holes in it. They go from large to small
    with the taper of the steel.
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