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    Would you trade a Team Miyata for a Koga-Miyata Prologue

    here is my situation: a guy on CL wants to trade me his TEAM Miyata frame for my nos Koga-Miyata prologue frame. Now, to the specifics. The TEAM frame has been spread to 130 and the shift bosses are gone. That, bothers me, but it is not that big of a deal, right? i was thinking of making the TEAM frame into a SS since, the bosses are gone.

    anyways, i wanted to know what would you guys do? keep the prologue or trade it for the TEAM frame?


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    Got photos? If the bosses are gone, got to wonder how he did it and what condition the bike is in as a whole. You've got a pristine NOS frame, he's got a modified used frame that no longer could be rebuilt to orginal without frame work to restore the bosses. The only thing you could make it into would be a SS/Fixed really. Unless you've been looking for a TEAM Miyata for ages, or if the Prologue is HiTen steel vs Columbus SL, I'd be pretty slow on that deal.
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    Your Prologue was one of the 'cheaper' models in the 1993 Koga line up, but it is already made with the nice Hardtlite FM1 tubing. Don't know much of that particular Team Miyata, but probably the Prologue tubing is as nice (similar) or nicer. Prologue geometry is probably a bit more touring orientated.

    Unless you don't like purple or really love the Team Miyata frame detailling, I would think twice before making the swap.

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