I don't have pics, but I'll describe the frame as best as I can:

Pearl white paint, black/grey Rossin stickers, along with those diagonal slash stickers. Chrome sloping crown fork with "R" panto. Chromed driveside chainstay. Raised "Rossin" on top eyes. Lugs have that curl in them and maybe an "R" cutout, but are not chromed. Campy dropouts. "R" cutout in the BB shell. Mostly flaked off columbus sticker. No model name visible.

Campy SR crankset and steel record HS.

What I'm trying to figure out is why this bike has stickers, when all the Rossins in the Bulgier catalog appear to have clearcoated decals.

I also want to figure out what tubing it has. Any easy way to distinguish SL from, say, Cromor or Aelle, other than weight?

I think the stickers are cheeze, and I want to take em off. Being a total nerd, I was thinking of getting thin decals done up, then clearcoating over top, but I've been warned about clearcoating old paint. What would you do?

Finally, I'm trying to find a way to avoid being stabbed by my wife when I bring this beauty home. Any help?