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    Motobecane frame found at the dumps for 2$

    Our recycle center gets parts all the time. One guy that is local has a stack of parts. I was once going to buy an old french road frame/parts from him for 30$ Little did I know the frame was worth at least 100$ oh stupid me...It turns out our local recycle center will sell bike parts off pretty cheap. My uncle got a Motobecane frame for 2$. He says the color is blue. I am guessing he probably got a Nomad or Grand Touring frame. I only have the paint color to make wild guesses. I asked if the lugs were regular or fancy. He said fancy. Did motobecane make blue bikes with Nervex Lugs?

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    Moto made several models over the years in various shades of blue. Teal blue GTs and Le Champions come to mind. There was also the Team Champion in a totally boring blue, along with the more mundane models. A Le Champion might have Nervex, depending on the vintage.

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