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    Picture of peugeot women's bike name/year/value?

    Can someone help me to identify this bike? I just got this very nice looking vintage peugeot bike for my wife. But I can't find any info on it anywhere other than it's Peugeot. Not even from

    Here's the list of features:
    Carbolite 103 frame (cheapest of bunch I guess)
    Shimano Positron running gear
    Weinmann vainqueur 750 brakes
    28inch tires
    Weather guard (also there's yellow colored weather guard on the side of top part of rear wheel)
    Headlight, powered by pedal-powered generator
    generator (rear wheel)
    Tire pump that LOCKS (you need a key to use this) to the frame
    Luggage rack w/bungee cords
    Water bottle holder
    Built-in wheel lock, with keys that are stored against the seat tube.
    10 speed

    I would very much appreciate, if someone could help. Thank you.

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    Alot of this applies to the Univega as well, probably.

    In general "mixte" frames don't command much resale value. The mixte is a superior design to the "women's" style frame you often see in department store bikes and really isn't a women's specific design though that is how they were marketed.

    The Peugeot has alot of neat features but you're right about the frame tubing. How clean is it? I don't think, to be honest, you'd get much over $50-75 for either bike. They're "worth" more than that, particularly the Peugeot which would be a superb commuter, but that's the price the market brings.
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