Well, I built up the whatever it is with some parts I had laying around and made it roadworthy (if a bit ugly!) I took it out for about 15 miles today and was very pleased. I swiped the rear wheel off a KIA, the front wheel off a Schwinn World Sport, added some crappy single pivot brakes, a Shimano MTB rear deraileur, ran some cables and presto, it rides! I must admit I was suprised at how smooth it was considering the wheels I'm running. It tracks well, is a blast to corner and is smooth over bumps. (Steel is real!) On the negative side; the saddle MUST die. I think I'm gonna take it off and burn it! I need better brakes, the cheapies just don't cut it. Of course new tires and eventually some alloy wheels, but I think I can live with the wheels for awhile. Wider bars, these 38cm Sakae's are waaaay to narrow for me. Also, I guess the Campy pedals were made for a narrower foot than mine. I'm not sure I coould get my foot in if I had the straps on them. Other than that it's cosmetic. I'm thinking of a gloss black paint job, with red lug lining and red bar tape. Of course, by then I'll have enough money in it to buy a good used bike, but where's the fun in that?! Oh yeah, I'll try to get a few pics tomorrow.