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    Torelli Identity

    I recently purchased a Torelli Nitro Express with the following known attributes: 1) The steel is Columbus ELOS; 2) the group is Campy Veloce 9; and 3) the wheel set is Triumph. I also contacted “Chairman Bill” and he conjectured that the frame was built anywhere between 1992 and 2004 (not necessarily “Vintage and Classic”, but I figured that the brain-trust here in this forum could best help me).

    I am trying to narrow this window in terms of when the frame was built, any thoughts?
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    Assuming Veloce 9 speed is original, then it is we can narrow it down quite a bit. A quick look through some literature shows Veloce still being 8 speed in 1996. I think it went 9 speed in 1997, but haven't found anything to confirm that yet. I found a 1997 listing for a Torelli Nitro Express with ELOS, but it lists a Shimano Ultegra group. So maybe no older than 1998?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tio
    . I also contacted “Chairman Bill” and he conjectured that ....
    Ask Chairman Bill about importing Masi' THAT could be interesting.

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