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    Need help id'ing 2 Miyatas and 1 Miele

    Hello all, just like the title says, I need help identifying 2 Miyatas and 1 Miele. Lots of pics.

    The Miyata bike was recently aquired and I was going to turn it into a commuter, but I'd like to know which model this is. Only the frame, fork and seatpost seem to be original. The previous owner liked to tinker with bikes and I'm sure he replaced everything that wasn't working properly. Seems like it was a 12speed before getting a new crank and derailer. S/N on BB says PW45216. definately cromo since magnets stick to the frame.

    The Miyata trainer, I have no idea where it came from, but just intrested to see if someone can identify it and if it's worth anything or if anyone wants it since it's just sitting in the backyard.

    The Miele I believe might be a 1988 model, but I have no clue since info on these is a bit scarce on the internet. 14 speed with biopace and exage sport. I can't find a S/N anywhere, not on the BB, rear triangle, under the headset, looked everywhere but to no avail. I'll probably go to the store which was the original seller next week to see if I can get any info. I just realized the store sticker on the bike, lol.

    for more photos, go here.

    Any info would be great, thanks.
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    The red/burgundy Miyata could be a 615, judging by the splined triple butted tubes, Mangalight fork and cantilever brakes, probably from around '84-'87.
    The Miyata trainer - no idea.
    The Miele - don't know much about the models, but going on the componentry looks to be of a mid-level and from the late '80s...
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