Hello, I hope this is in the right forum. I figured since its about older{styled** parts it would fit. I recently picked up a folding bike, Eaton's porta / iii. the front forks on it are a bit janky and the ride is somewhat rough compared to the 26'' MNTB I'm used to. Ive seen some folding bikes with new front end suspension that are long the looks of Judy rock shocks but this just wont do with all the chrome, old spring seat and cruiser handle bars. I'm interested in swapping in a 20'' springer front end but I'm not too sure where to find one. I've checked eBay but 'm concerned that the 40 dollar forks that are for sale are probably just crap reproductions.

Is there really a varying quality or am I just being too critical? Thanks for any and all input

pics: www.pbase.com/newbike/inbox