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    What crazy thing did I pick up this time? Albuch

    This was one more on its way to being scrap metal. Not sure why I picked it up other than the mystery interested me. From what I can gather now, its a German bike. Has nicely specced MTB components for the era. Not sure on the tubing but I think just a cromoly of some sort. Fork crown has an interesting relief cut "K". Fenders and dynamo light too.

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    Very cool for its "unique" factor, alrighty!

    Love the "daisy" color scheme on the ladies frame.

    Exage components are OK, but better if they're the alloy rather than the plastic.
    Deore being the next step up.

    Clean it up, maybe white cable housing, and the stem from the red bike, and you'll have a GREAT rider!

    and try saying "an Albuch bike" 3 times fast!

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