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Thread: latest find...

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    latest find...

    Yesterday i drove by a garage sale and noticed they had several rims sitting out for sale. So i decided to stop and go back to check it out, and was surprised a bit by what i found. I ended up picking up 2 rear rims, both with Campy hubs, one with a Campy rim and the other laced into a Mavik rim, both alloy's. They also had a front with a Shimano 600 hub in and a rim that is made to have the tire glued to it, but the guy had a bare rim with the same hole count as the Shimano hub so i picked that up as well to mate the hub with. All of this cost me 20 bucks, did i do alright?
    P.S. im having troubles identifying what Campy hubs these are, i dont see anywhere that says a model, just the manufacturer and made in italy. I will post pics soon, but any good sites that im missing that i can identify the hubs by pictures.

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    Try browsing through the catalogs HERE. If you can't find the hubs using the photos in these catalogs, post pictures of yours here and someone should be able to ID them.
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