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    NOS Look KG233 value (pics)

    I'm looking at a never built Look KG233. Not sure what year it is, but it has Columbus Brain tubeset, which I believe was discontinued in the mid '90's. With the chrome fork and stays I am guessing it is an early 90's model. Though it supposedly has 130mm spacing. And suggestions from the camp what I should offer for it?

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    I would say buy it if you have the money. I have seen that frame built up in person and looked in disbelief. This is probably one of the nicest 90's production frames I have ever seen.

    My experience with buying bike stuff has always been to ask what they want to get then simply ask "what is the lowest you are willing to take right now." After that point try for another 25-50$ off. I negotiated 100$ off a bike from craigslist because there were no serious offers. I was hoping to get a low ball purcahse but it did not happen...I am one happy camper. I am getting a very rare bicycle and the seller allowed me to make payements. She wrote a reciept with signature and all. I know where she lives yadda yadda. Sometimes a risk is worth it.

    That frame could be gone and you will regret it. If you can't afford it plead to make payement plan. Most people I have dealt with who know the value of quality bike frames have been willing to work. Good luck I hope it fits and please build it up ASAP and give us some pics. That bicycle frame is really a special frame. The most modern Columbus tubesets are not common on production models.


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