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Thread: Pelizzoli frame

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    Pelizzoli frame

    I just snagged a frame from ebay-- Name of the frame is Pelizzoli, does this mean it is somehow connected to Ciocc? (whose founder is Giovanni Pelizzoli) or is that just a coincidence? Theres engraving in the fork crown, but I cant see it in detail in the pictures.

    and ideas? thanks

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    Yeah, sounds like a rare bird: a Ciocc but labeled with Pelizzoli's surname, rather than his nickname...I've never seen one before. Didn't know he was based in Bergamo, either. Guess there's a slight chance it could be some other builder with the same surname. Looks like a fine frame, be sure to post more detail pics when it arrives!
    edit: looked up some details about Pelizzioli (born in Val d'Aosta, apprenticed with Ugo DeRosa!) and seems that the Ciocc workshop was in Mozzo, a village next to Bergamo, so this is likely the same Giovanni. Mozzo is 10 miles from the Colnago shop: prime bicicletta country!
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