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    recommend an inexpensive upright saddle - not brooks

    I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive, wider saddle suitable for a classic mixte w/ dove/albatross bars equipped. A Brooks would be great but it isn't even remotely in the budget and leather is not suitable for being left outside and rained on. I'm sort of leaning towards a sprung saddle but might go for unsprung. I would prefer something that isn't too obnoxious and/or has logos emblazoned all over it. I'm in no rush so I can stand to hunt around a bit on ebay etc. looking for an older saddle if new models like this are hard to come by.

    What do people tend to put on their upright-ish bikes other than a Brooks?

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    LINK: $34

    The entire Nirve line here:

    You can no doubt find something old on eBay. There are new sprung saddles but they won't be inexpensive and it they are, you and your derriere probably don't want to be on one. Saddles are one area you definitely don't want to be skimping on. Unless you only ride short distances. Like this $28 prize:

    Wow. Google is so awesome; I never would've found this saddle without it:

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