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    Replacement brake pads

    Hi All - what recommendations do you have for replacement brake pads. I see no reason to use NOS brake pads and would prefer to use Kool Stops but I haven't tried them for my vintage bikes. I have two types of pads to replace: Universals and MAFACs.

    Harris Cyclery lists Kool Stops for Nuovo Record with demensions of the dovetail fitting at 12 mm wide, 9 mm at the narrow section, 40 mm overall length. It's not easy to measure breakpads but my original pads measure around:

    Universal pads
    Width: 10mm at the narrow point, 12mm at the rear
    Length: 36mm

    MAFAC pads
    Width: 8mm at the narrow point, 9mm at the rear
    Length: 46mm

    So neither are a perfect fit. Harris says the NR pads will fit MAFAC but they look aweful short to me. And too long for the Universals. Their Continentals look like they would work for anything but are butt ugly.

    Currently I'm using those cheapy replacement holders/pads you can pick up at any LBS for the Universals and some really ugly canti pads for the MAFACs.
    1959 Bottecchia Professional (frame), 1966 Bottecchia Professional, 1971 Bottecchia Professional (frame),
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    The NR are too short for the MAFAC holders. They look stupid, but they work great.

    The Continentals are butt ugly, but they also work great. The silver ones are less noticeable than the salmon. I have them on two bikes.
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    I use bonded KoolStop salmon pads exclusively, because I ride my bikes and care about safety. By the same logic, I favor modern tires and brake cable housings. I scared myself when I put some spiffy areo Shimano pads on my Campagnolo sidepulls and tried to brake on a 16% downward grade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John E View Post
    I use bonded KoolStop salmon pads exclusivel
    By "bonded" do you mean the ones that are about 3" long and sort of boat shaped, with the integral post and angle washers? I have a set of those that I bought about 10 years ago, and have never put them on my sidepulls because the original (Campy SR) pads refuse to wear out! Do the salmon pads have a shelf life?

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