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    Schwinn Phantoms? ID help please....

    Any idea what these are? Are decals available? What about the 3rd bike, any ideas?

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    They look like (the first 2) Schwinn Phantoms or repros of Schwinn Phantoms and decals are readily available for them, the third is a Monark Silver King, one of my favorites =) the Schwinn Phantoms are nice too if they're orig which the first may be except that its missing some important but readily available parts, the second looks like someone tried to build a Phantom out a Schwinn frame with repro parts if they belong to you and you want to part with the Silver King Ill def take it =) I love those bikes!
    1951 Schwinn Black Phantom
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    Monark Silver King, scroll down to the 5th row of pics, first pic.
    Hope this helps
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