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Thread: Carlton Cobra

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    Carlton Cobra

    I just acquired a nice shiny Carlton Cobra frame and was wondering if anybody can help with a few bits of information.

    It's frame no is NG42**** and its apparently from the late 70's what kind of threading does it use on the fork and BB.

    It has a TI transfer on the down-tube dose this mean it's made from tru-wel tubing if so what was this tubing like?

    Finally is this realty a Cobra as described?

    Will try and pot a few pics as I restore it

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    From what little I have found out on Raleigh serial numbers the N means it was built in Nottingham and the 4 is for the year. Either 1974 or 1984 and I suspect 1974 being it is a Nottingham built bike. Roger

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