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    Bridgestone, pre-Grant Peterson

    Ran across a listing for a "Bridgestone Synchro Memory 15" road bike, with Bridgestone in cursive on the downtube. 70s "10 speed boom" vintage I'm guessing. Listing claims it's a 15 speed (5 speed w/triple? Picture isn't clear). Looks like it might be my size or a tad large. Would it be worth a longish drive across town to take a look? Or were these older ones pretty utilitarian?
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    It's a very late 1970's model. Bridgestone Synchro Memory Shift (aka SMS) was a proprietary repsonse to Shimano's Positron indexed system. If you thought Positron had poor market receptance, SMS's was even worse. Even funkier, both shift levers were mounted piggyback on top of each other, on the right hand side of the frame. It's a great conservation piece, but that's about all. The only models that I recall seeing it on were entry level with hi-tensile frames.

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