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    Cinelli 1A road stem binder bolt source?

    The bar clamp binder bolt on my Cinelli 1A stem finally died...the rear hex end rounded out from repeated adjustment and I could no longer loosen it. I had to use a dremel cutting wheel to cut through it at the stem's clamp gap area (lucky it wasn't a solid bar clamp design). I'm currently using an old, short seat binder bolt; it fits well and doesn't look too bad, but the original one looks a whole lot neater.

    Can anyone direct me to a source for these replacement Cinelli binder bolts?

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    The achilles heel of the 1A. I have several stems that are junk, either because the bolt is shot, or I stole the bolt to fix one that was shot. And that is probably as reasonable a way to get a bolt as any, because you can find trashy 1As on eBay that are cheap, all day long.

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