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    Random Musings on old Schwinn Town & Country Trikes.

    I'm starting to get the resto-improvement bug again. I currently own an '07 Town & Country which compared to the classic electro-forged T&C of the 60's to 80's is but a poor shadow when it comes to quality. Plus the classic originals had a real rear differential which the new incarnation lacks.

    Another "Problem" with the modern T&C Trike is the engineers thought it would be cute to "semi-recumbent" the rider ergonomics so that the rider is somewhat behind the pedals as opposed to being over them. This makes the '07 harder to ride and slows it's overall speed. Now granted, I wouldn't take either a classic T & C or the modern incarnation on a century or try to whip it up to 20mph for mile after mile, but it would be nice to be able to hold it closer to my normal two wheel paced speed of 14.8
    as opposed to 8.7 which I'm stuck at due to the lousy frame angles.

    So after mulling over this I got to thinking about picking up an original 60's to 80's Town & Country Trike that would have better ergonomics. I know there are some caveats namely obsolete rims and tires which brings me to the central theme of my post. Is it possible to re-rim one of these trikes to replace the proprietary Schwinn S7 rims to something more common? Second, is this project worth doing? Am I missing some undiscovered virtue of my '07 other than it's 26" rimes & Tires?

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    A quick google search revealed this page selling S7 tires, so they are available if that is your concern.

    If the hubs are in good shape, you can certainly have the wheels rebuilt with 26" rims.

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