Ok..This all started simultaneously.
I went to reassemble the suntour VxS derailleur I'm intent on using on the 81 Schwinn LeTour Tourist
and discovered the pulley wheels were chewed badly.
Same day I'm out on the PDG and the alignment pulley on the Rx100 derailleur (my fault)comes off and
merrily spins down the road and into a fields.
I used the alignment pulley off an old alvio derailleur (appeared the same, steel bushing inside steel bushing inside pulley wheel) and figured it was time to aquire some new ones.
What I wanted were oem 10tooth.
Yep,I discovered everything has changed.
The 10t pulleys available from performance and jenson look more like the single bushing ones that were on the VxS suntour..
Anyone out here know if there's a chart showing what pulley wheels are compatable with what vintage systems?
For that matter, anyone know if there's a numerical chart listing which 105 derailleurs are 7 speed compatable.
Yellow Jersey has a great one for the early 80s SunTour stuff but nothing for shimano and shimano has morphed so darn many times it's difficult to know if the NOS you're going to order on eBay is compatable.
I'm running the oem 12-28 7speed cassette. I could easily drop to a 26t. My concern is shimano seemed to make short cage,mid cage,long cage 105s and I've no way of knowing the tooth capacity on any of their stuff.
Knowing what pulleys were interchangable and what the id numbers relating to cage/ capacity on 7speed shimano derailleurs is would help a ton.