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    thinking about parting it out...

    In about 1980 I bought a silver and black Raleigh Professional frame. I think it's a 1974. I built it up using parts I scrounged, which I upgraded to NR over time. Now it's pretty much all correct, but the Campy parts are from a variety of years, such as a '78 rear derailleur, '83 cranks, etc. And I never found the correct TTT bar and stem, so it still has a GB bar and stem. The GB bar, by the way, is the highly desirable one with a tiny little map of the British Isles engraved on it (very useful in case you get lost, I guess).

    Anyway, I've been thinking of passing it on for some years now, and I wonder if, the bike not being original, I might be better off parting it out.

    What do the experts think?

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    Part it out! It's not original anyway and you will get way less than what you put into it if you sell it complete.
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    To maximize your return, part it out (but don't forget to sell me the frame first!). If Hilary Stone can do it, so can you, Rudi.


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