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    My Saddle Squeaks, and other Books Issues & Myths

    There are a few common Brooks issues that pop up, squeaking springs for one.
    What's the official fix?

    I'm going to leave witch's brews for break-ins alone.

    I can answer this one from empirical evidence: a Brooks will not melt or otherwise fall apart when it rains.

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    On my standard Worksman seat, it has two coil springs in the rear, typical cruiser style. After I'd had it a while, they started squeaking. Grr. Tried a little WD 40, no good. (No leather on this seat, btw). So eventually I took the springs completely off the seat, rubbed a good layer of axle grease into them inside and out, then wiped off all the excess with paper towels. Problem solved ever since. I'm not sure if that's workable with the Brooks, but an idea. On my saddle, those springs have coils that touch each other when compressed (unloaded) if that helps.

    If it's squeaking where leather touches metal, you might try a dab wax or whatever you're sposed to put on those seats, if anything.
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