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    tangaloy what exactly is it?

    hi everyone I have a shogun frame and the forks are marked tangaloy Iam really interested in finding out what exactly this is? the frame is a hybrid with a sloping top tube and is cro mo made in Taiwan. it looks like a 90's bike. I have seached the net and found a comment that says it may be tange mangaloy, but i cant find a definitive answer.

    Also i have a couple of cromo frames in the shed, but they have no markings to say what the forks are made out of. While I'm sure no one would want cromo tubing stickers on a bike if the forks weren't the same, but how often was this done?

    thanks for your answers.

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    Not sure about the Tangaloy but manufacturers regularly mixed tubesets to save money and hit a particular price target. It was fairly common practice to have CrMo main frames with hi-tensile or manganese alloy forks and stays on models that were upper entry level and lower mid-range. The only way to know for sure about the forks is via the catalogue or an original sticker on the forks. The only way to know for sure about the stays is via the catalogue.

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