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    Cleaning up an old Raleigh Grand Prix

    I got an old Raleigh Grand Prix that I want to fix up, but I'm running into one major problem. The bike's about 30 years old, and was never cleaned a day in its life. Nasty old dirt and grime everywhere, and most of the exposed parts (cranks/pedals and wheels, mostly) either have a little bit of rust or lost their shine a long time ago. Now, I've been sanding off the rust so far, and it's working out great. There's no pitting on any of the parts, so I don't really have to worry about that. The only problem is that it's taking forever and there are some parts, especially in the pedals, that are really hard to get to. Any recommendations on getting some of the harder to reach stuff off? Does that CLR (or other sort of cleaner) stuff work well? What about getting some shine back into the parts? The spokes especially are dull, and while I understand I probably won't be able to get them looking new, I'd like to at least try to get them to look good. Thanks.

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    I've resorted to partially/fully disassembling parts and cleaning with a degreaser and old toothbrush. It works pretty good, but it is a slow, tedious process. If you have access to an ultrasonic clearer, that will make life much easier.

    Are your rims chromed steel, or aluminum alloy? If they are steel, changing them out to alloy is something that will help minimize future maintenance, and increase safety - especially in wet weather.
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