Nabbed a dumpster- rescued, jade blue, Motobecane Nomade from a guy for 10.00. relatively baked condition.

I just sold a Mirage which had 1020 tubing, this one has 1040. The Mirage is the better model, right? This bike is still not that clunky, though, but has the dreaded Huret derailleur.

Is this the base model? Judging from the Lyotard pedals with plastic innards, suspect this to be the case.

Tip: take bike to hand- car wash, blast with degreaser, then soap and rinse. two bucks. Saves mucho hassle cleaning, and you can actually touch it without that gnarly dust getting in your skin pores.

The frame actually looks sweet now, the fun part was "hand towing" it up the street past all the people hanging at the bars. I do love restoring bikes sometimes.