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    help identify aero medici (?) bike

    i just acquired this bike, however i am uncertain about the identity of the frame. i believe it's a medici based on the rampant lion decoration on the head tube. also, there's a logo by clycart of san marcos, ca on the bottom bracket. which i believe was affiliated with some people from masi, or medici. the bike is a hybrid of italian and japanese parts. the shifters, seat post, brakes, and cranks are all shimano dura-ace ax. possibly dating the bike sometime in the early 80s? galli headset, ttt stem/bars, and mavic rims. it has aero tubing; the down tube and seat tube are teardrop shaped, and the brake and shifter cables are all internal. also, interesting is the rear brake which mounts of the frame near the bottom bracket. it has some nice hand lugging on the frame. anyone can help identify anything about the bike? thanks.
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    I don't think it's Medici (tho they did use a Lion, this looks more like the Royal Stewart coat of arms) and I never saw a Medici with such lug-work (this looks a cut above typical Medici work!) but haven't seen everything they made, either. The folks at Cyclart keep meticulous records, they should be able to trace it for you...might not be free, however. There was a previous thread concerning an aero bike that had the AX rear brake mounted in such a fashion, but I can't recall what it was titled or whether that bike ever got positively ID'ed...sorry.
    Truely a unique and Nice Bike, congrats!
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