I picked up a Racycle a few days ago off of Craigslist and would like to begin the possibly lengthy process of making it rideable. The bike is complete except that 2 of the 6 screws that hold the non-drive side crank arm are missing and so is the headbadge. I'm really not concerned about the headbadge, but I sort of need the screws to the crank. The screws look to be [very] non-standard as they have a tapered shank that makes them self centering, and also seems to provide a large contact area so that they shouldn't loosen so easily. Can anyone point me in the direction of someone that might have some Racycle parts?

Also, does anyone know if these Racycles have serial numbers, and how to date them? The ones I've seen on the internet appear to have inch pitch chains, but mine has a half-inch pitch chain. Additionally, it has a "Muscleman Coaster Brake" (sp?) that doesn't have a safety arm - does anyone have any information on this type of coaster brake? I'm sure that the brake is not safe, so instead of rebuilding it, I'm going to try to get my hands on a 24t Velosteel coaster brake.

I'll try to take some pictures of it soon if anyone is interested in these things. I must say that the 70x24 gearing is pretty awesome to see!