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    Best thread in C&V about paint refurbishing?

    I'm trying to get a used and abused early 70's(?) Gitane Grand Sport de Luxe back on the road. The paint is incredibly faded, orange peeled, and nicked with myriad rust pits. Mechanically I've got everything in order, I'ld like to refurbish the paint just to protect it from the elements once it's rolling again. It's got a heck of a patina, let me tell you. I have no interest or funds in a full blown resto, but if someone could point me to the best thread you've seen here where finiish cleanup and protection was discussed, I'ld be much obliged.

    I just cleaned all the grease and dirt off with a brush and mild simple green solution, so ythat's where I am right now.

    edit: Uh, nevermind...
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