Hello everyone,

I've scored a Puch Laser road bike from my local freecycle. Right now I'm in the process of stripping down and cleaning it, so the bike is in bits in my shed, with just the bottom bracket and headset left to remove. As there's no clues the bike's giving me on what type of BB is on there I thought I'd post some details to see if anyone can identify it, and maybe get some history on the model? Anyway, the bikes details are:

* Puch two-tone badge on the front tube, downtube decal identifies the model as Laser
* Damaged seat tube decal identifies it as a Steyr-Daimler-Puch (GB) L????, BSI 610??1
* Colour scheme is light brown on top, graduating to dark at the bottom of forks, frame and chainstays
* Frame and fork decals identify it as using Puch original 2500 tensile-steel tubes
* Weinmann side-pull brakes and levers
* Sachs-Huret front and rear mech
* Van Schothorst 27 1/4" wheelset - steel rims
* Silstar crank set
* Puch badged stem
* 10 gears with Maillard Atom 5 speed freewheel
* Unknown handlebars

As regards the bottom bracket, it has a 50mm or 2" lockring, with two square notches for removing the bracket itself.

Any advice on removing the bracket much appreciated, and if anyone has more history on the model I'm all ears!