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    '70s Campy SR crank and 9 speed chain?

    So I bought a set of wheels that have a 9 speed cassette on them to replace my old 6 speed freewheel setup. I thought I had seen something that said that would be compatible with my '70s Campy Super Record crank, but the bike shop put up a fight. Anyone running an SRAM 9 speed chain on old Campy cranks? I guess the teeth were a little wider back then, but I'm not sure if .2 mm is really going to be a problem. Spacing between chainrings is a little wider too, but that doesn't sound like a crisis. Chain sure looks ok.

    I'm sure this has been answered sometime in the past, but all I saw was "should work," "might not work," that sort of thing. Sorry my searching powers are weak.

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    As far as I know, it works. The only difference between 10 or 9 speed chains and <8 speed is the outer width, 9-10 speed being narrower. The inside width is the same, i.e. 3/32".
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